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New Pay in English

Designing holistic and participatory compensation frameworks

Was Dich erwartet/What to expect

This is an introduction session that offers a practical and interactive glimpse into the world of New Pay. We will cover the basics of New Pay, which includes the 7 dimensions found in any modern compensation frameworks, as well as examples from companies who went down the road towards a modern pay structure and system. We also share why New Pay is more than just revisiting the current reward system. New Pay represents a new mindset in the domain of reward management. While compensation & benefits practices orbit around the analytical side of rewards and pair this with lean processes, New Pay dives deeper into the subject of pay. We look at two sides of the coin – the system and the people. We do not copy-paste, we engage and ask questions. That's why we bring up contrasts between the organisational design, leadership styles and the compensation model. Using practical examples, we open up new perspectives on the topic of rewards and salary and show how every organisation can getting started and initiate first steps by themself. This is an interactive session, and we welcome your thoughts and ideas – engage with our community. What can you expect? • Why do we need a new approach to compensation and rewards • What are modern and innovative frameworks and approaches that already exist in practice • Where can you find direction and orientation when designing your own salary systems • What might be the right approach for you • What could be the first steps • Questions and dialogue This course will be held in English. Instructor: Sarah Maximilian All prices are net prices.

  • Beginnt am 15. Juni
  • 60 Euro

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