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You're invited to further explore the New Pay Cosmos/ all things New Pay.

Let’s learn, experiment develop ideas together and rethink/reframe our mindesets and core beliefs about money and salaries/ compensation.

On campus we design and implement/ offer/ publish learning opportunities around the topic of New Pay, while creating a community of pioneers.

Our mission is to encourage and enable organizations to further develop their compensation systems in a future- and culture-oriented way. Our formats therefore focus on all those questions that move people in the further development of their compensation system, their organization and their employees. We pay particular attention to development processes that are participative and at the same time keep the organization and its stakeholders in mind. We are convinced that this is best achieved by integrating diverse perspectives and competencies from within the organization.

hier drunter könnte man was zu den Grundsätzen des Lernens ergänzen?!

Und inhaltlich muss glaub ich noch ein Satz zu "New Pay" als Marke hin. Soweit ich weiß wird New Pay aka neue Vergütung im englischsprachigen Raum nicht mit unserem Prozess verknüpft, sondern sehr viel allgemeiner verstanden. Das heißt Personen müssen schnell raffen, worums hier geht (würde aber sagen 1-2 Sätze reichen, die dann evtl. mit dem längeren Absatz unten verknüpft sind).

Let's kickstart your journey on our campus! 

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Grading - but make it New Pay!

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Getting started with New Pay

Designing holistic and participatory compensation frameworks

New Grading

New Pay Background (How it all started?!)

New Pay- let's un-taboo talking about money.

Talking about money and salaries is still a taboo in many parts of the world. This is also the case in Germany, where the New Pay Movement began in 2017.

"New Pay" was coined by Nadine Nobile, Sven Franke and Stefanie Hornung in an attempt to include salaries into the already flourishing concept of "New Work".

(Text in Arbeit; hier ist eine knappe Backgroundstory zu New Pay geplant. Hierbei ist mir aufgefallen, dass wir in Betracht ziehen sollten "Was ist New Pay?" zu übersetzen)
Ergänzung Anna B.: Aber wirklich nur knapp, ansonsten könnte man überlegen, das ans Ende zu setzen. Das es vorkommt sieht man ja an dem Menü an der Seite, aber ich denke, wer auf unsere englische Seite geht, weiß schon irgendwas über New Pay?!)

Read more on New Pay 

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The English version of the New Pay Report is now available. 


In a blog post for Corporate Rebels, we summarise key findings of the research project we conducted in cooperation with Pforzheim University.


In summary we think: More communication around the design of pay systems is needed!

Münztürme: Fairness to Salary Issues through New Pay

Fixed salary bands, labour market data and negotiations – all are in the traditional compensation mix, and companies are reluctant to change. But what happens when responsibilities change? When people work in agile teams? When traditional hierarchies no longer exist? And employees are less satisfied with their compensation? New Pay could be an answer. A Blogpost from Stefanie, Nadine and Sven.

Article: New Pay Hacks for Sustainability and Climate Protection

The task of promoting sustainability and climate protection is urgent and complicated. Many organisations play an arithmetic game. But can this work if performance measures and rewards stay untouched? Stefanie Hornung would like to offer 5 suggestions.

Our Expert- Team

Nadine Nobile

Campus Mastermind

Sven Franke

New Pay Topics
Driving Force

Sarah Maximilian

New Pay in Practice Educator

Stefanie Hornung

New Pay Communicator

Learn More Abour Our Team

Anna Bennecke.jpg

Anna Bennecke

website whisperer

After my bachelor's degree in sociology in Freiburg, my journey led me to Braunschweig, where I have now been working as a co-creator at CO:X since June 2020. I am also studying for a master's degree in sociology and educational sciences. The topics close to my heart: Participation, Diversity and Fairness. Here at New Pay Campus, I'm our website whisperer and I'm here to help with any website-related questions.


Topics at New Pay Campus: website maintenance, organization, co-creator of formats (e.g. New Grading).

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Anna Schatrova.png

Anna Schatrova

Social (Media) Butterfly

As a student of the interdisciplinary degree program "International Communication and Translation", I am passionate about languages, communication and education. I am full of drive and eager to make a difference. The enthusiasm that all the co-creators in the New Pay Collective live inspires me time and again. Now, as a co-creator, I will contribute to filling the New Pay Campus with life. Together with the New Pay Collective, I want to advance the mission of creating more transparency and participation in pay systems.


Topics in the New Pay Campus: organization, campus communicator,

co-creator of formats

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Nuriel Kämpfer.jpg

Nuriel Kämpfer

co- creator

After completing my master's degree in social and organizational psychology, I am now one of the co-creators of the New Pay Campus. For me, aspects of living and working together such as well-being and satisfaction are particularly important. I would like to help shape the learning opportunities on campus in such a way that we provide people with the necessary knowledge and the appropriate tools to do so. New compensation systems in particular offer a lot of potential for triggering positive and beneficial psychological processes.


Topics in the New Pay Campus: Organization, co-design of formats

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Anna Schatrova

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