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Available in English

For our international friends we also offer courses in English. With this we hope to get in touch with other countries and other (organizational) cultures  thus increasing our impact beyond the German-speaking area through connecting and learning from each other. 

At this point we are a few people working in Germany and Sweden with several organizations and institutions mainly in Germany. But our vision for New Pay is much broader. We want to reach people and organizations all over the world to connect and learn from each other. If you are interested in what we do and the mindset behind our approach, get in touch with us by attending English courses or write an e-mail to Sarah Maximilian.

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The English version of the New Pay Report is now available. 


In a blog post for Corporate Rebels, we summarise key findings of the research project we conducted in cooperation with Pforzheim University.


In summary we think: More communication around the design of pay systems is needed!

Münztürme: Fairness to Salary Issues through New Pay

Fixed salary bands, labour market data and negotiations – all are in the traditional compensation mix, and companies are reluctant to change. But what happens when responsibilities change? When people work in agile teams? When traditional hierarchies no longer exist? And employees are less satisfied with their compensation? New Pay could be an answer. A Blogpost from Stefanie, Nadine and Sven.

Article: New Pay Hacks for Sustainability and Climate Protection

The task of promoting sustainability and climate protection is urgent and complicated. Many organisations play an arithmetic game. But can this work if performance measures and rewards stay untouched? Stefanie Hornung would like to offer 5 suggestions.